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Hello beautiful soul

I really appreciate that you took the time to stop by Beautiful Minds to learn about what I offer. My name is Megan Suggitt, I’m a graduate of the Child & Youth Worker program from Cambrian College and I’m currently pursuing my degree (BA) in Disability Studies at Ryerson University along with a certificate in Aboriginal Knowledge & Experiences. I’ve had 7 years of experience working with children and youth in various settings with a wide variety of needs such as Autism, learning disabilities, mental health and behaviours.

My passion for starting Beautiful Minds was through my own personal experiences of having a Non-Verbal Learning Disability. I was continually told from a young age from psychologists and teachers “I wouldn’t amount to anything” and to “never consider post-secondary education”. I continually felt the weight of indifference and was segregated within various special educational classrooms. My experiences within the educational system re-enforced the notion of ‘otherness’ from my teachers, my peers, my friends and psychologists. Special education made me feel like a caged bird whose wings had been clipped. I wanted to experience what normal students learned instead of being spoon-fed a curriculum from special education.

I was undervalued, and misunderstood. I wanted to re-claim my identity. It wasn’t until my final year of child and youth work during my placement in an elementary school where I found my seven-year old self in some of the students who were begging for a form of solidarity but were misunderstood by frustrated teachers. I chose to become a disability activist as I want to embrace my disability and construct a new dimension to humanity which moves beyond the label. I want to guide others out of their own darkness and illuminate a pathway of change. I am not defined by my disability, and my experiences have led me on a journey to cultivate change. Throughout my academic years, I have learned to become my own advocate and the value of honoring your own voice.

Beautiful Minds offers a neurodiversity perspective on learning disabilities which enhances resiliency, builds self-worth and self-esteem. With sweat, tears, passion and determination I offer you Beautiful Minds and I invite you to embrace the idea of “seeing the ability”.

With Love and Gratitude, Megan Suggitt

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