About | Beautiful Minds
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Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds offers a neurodiversity perspective on learning disabilities. Every Child and Youth work is unique, for this reason Beautiful Minds offers an entirely strengths-based practice. We focus on empowering youth.

Megan Suggitt founded Beautiful Minds after several years working with students with disabilities. She will be able to reveal some of your child’s hidden gifts while establishing one to one goals. You will see how your child enhances resiliency, builds self-worth and self-esteem.

Child and youth work is based on the foundation that we plant seeds in every youth we meet. This is the notion that we plant ideas that empower youth to develop into the best person they can be. Growth takes progress, time and effort but every youth has the capacity to succeed.

Megan’s educational background includes a diploma in Child & Youth Work, a Bachelors degree in Disability Studies from Ryerson University with a Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledge & Experiences, along with a TESOL certificate with English as Second Language.

Megan identifies as an individual with a learning disability, which inspired her to launch “Beautiful Minds” which focuses on neurodiversity and empowering youth to “see their abilities” versus their disability.